Jezebel by Swamp Music Players featuring Sugar Parks

Jezebel by Swamp Music Players featuring singer-songwriter Sugar Parks

A retro rock newwave song written by Hollywood’s Sugar Parks Swamp Music Players Featuring Sugar Parks

Writen and composed by Sugar Parks (Hollywood) Music Producer Steve Greene of the Battlechamber (Detroit) E

Executive Producer John Kayden, President of Swamp Music Players Inc.

Special thanks to Earl Jr Jackson Black, Geoff Mason, Ronan Doris

Demos for our upcoming album ‘555 Tiki Motel’

Originally posted early 2019

Swamp Music Players featuring Joseph Gearheart . This is the demo for  ‘Truck Parking’  the song we are working on!  Written by Joseph Gearheart.

Our next album is ‘555 Tiki Motel’ 📞🍹
Inspired by the real life Motel most famously seen in the  scifi  film  ‘The Terminator’. 🤖

‘Vacancy’ will be the lead track and we are really excited as the album starts to fill out.

Our most mature #album it will be authentic Americana and Swamprock blues with just a touch and a kiss of  1980s style. We may sneak this one past NPR and KEXP if they are not listening deeply. 🔘📻💿

Press for Swamp Music Players ‘Scared To Love’ ft Laura Jacobs

“Scared to Love” by Swamp Music Players featuring Laura Jacobs

Bad boys are a mystery. Many hide behind a shield of machismo, sometimes hardening themselves from ever really feeling empathy or even love. A band of musicians called the Swamp Music Players turn to folk singer-songwriter Laura Jacobs for guidance on “Scared to Love,” a shiny uptempo seeking to understand why men shadow themselves away in the cold darkness. “Why you so scared to love?” Jacobs poses the staunch question, out of concern rather than a harmful infective. She searches for the answers herself throughout the swirling saloon-style verses, planted right at the center of classic honky-tonk and neo-traditionalism. “I’ve only got myself to blame / Still a part of me thinks you’ll change,” she sings, wrangling conflicting feelings about her suitor whose fallen right through her fingers.

Comeherefloyd – “Born out of this SWAMP MUSIC PLAYERS, a ‘retro-futuristic’ music collective which is a delightful concept in music construction and band philosophy, Laura brings a nostalgic and calm-delight to an interesting single ‘Scared To Love’…………”

Scared To Love ft Laura Jacobs is a Cosmic Americana love song!
Hi everyone things are going pretty well for ‘Scared To Love’ , please help us by liking and sharing our Youtube video! Also included a link to various music services if you like the track and wish to purchase or add to your music playlists! (LINKS)  

‘Scared To Love’ Swamp Music Players featuring Laura Jacobs

Originally posted January 25th 2019

🎤👄 February 14th Valentine’s Day) ……it’s all about ‘Scared To Love’ for your Swamp Music Players. It’s our next song and first song of 2019 !

‘Scared To Love’ 🚀💔 (ft vivacious singer-songwriter Laura Jacobs) 💿🎶
Mixed by Detroit music scene VIP Steve Greene of The Battle Chamber and Voyag3r
Please follow our music streaming sites and socials and help us share when the day comes! We have a sample track on Soundcloud right now! Let us know what you think !

This year (2018) Swamp Music Players appeared on the soundtrack of  ‘HellCat’s Revenge’ a Len Kabasinski action film! You may remember Len from his fame and special  appearances on ‘Red Letter Media’ but he has his own following in the Midwest as an auteur of DIY action films. It’s a really amazing oppurtunity for the Swamp Music Players to be part of the filmography of such a notable folk hero of B-movies. We are big fans of RedLetter media and retro style films so it is a huge honor for us. ‘HellCat’s Revenge’ was released via Cinedigm and distributed in Canada via Universal Home Entertainment!

This has inspired Swamp Music Players to become more involved in soundtrack projects as we already have a following in Hollywood.

Swamp Music Players were awarded the shirt off Jack’s back from the film “Portal To Hell”! It is very sad that Roddy Piper passed away as we all are huge fans and “They Live” is one of our favorite films. This is why we donated to his crowd funding campaign and gladly hyped “Portal To Hell”. Roddy Piper and “Portal To Hell” team was very cool to award SMP and our management Crushwb for promoting them on social media but the recent bad news had cast a shadow. We are finally glad to report some good news that Roddy’s last film “Portal To Hell” will have its world premier at the Toronto International Film Festival! We hope Roddy will be remembered for this short film, the trailer is out and we are very excited about it!

Originally Posted 2015 – Timeless Cool – swamp music album

Jason Murphy co-star and producer of  National Geographic Channel’s “Hacking The System”. He is an amazing writer and his work on the audio drama “Rise Of The Hell Knights”

RJ Comer music, RJ is an accomplished musician from Los Angeles. RJ is a city boy with swamp water in his veins and his support from the City of Angels is an honor!

Wily Bo Walker music, Wily Bo is a notable and prolific swamp musician from London UK with several awesome bands such as “Rattlin Bone” and ‘The Mescal Canyon Troubadours”.

Joseph Gearheart music, Joseph Gearheart is a singer/song writer  from the Old Dominion of Virginia USA. Joseph is a journeyman musician of the Alt-Folk underground.

Blake Andison is a local island Heartland Rocker and singer/song writer that returns for our second album. He has an amazing catalog of great tunes and a commanding presence on stage.

Hilary Beckett is one of the premier vocalists on Vancouver Island generously returning for our second album.  Hilary performs a theatrical duet version of Ramones “Poison Heart”.

‘Urban Crime’ music videos on Youtube

Originally Posted on July 1, 2018

Urban Crime by Swamp Music Players
Swamp Rock influences combine with 1980s style Americana and Alt Music to create a LoFi retro-futuristic anachronism.
Really happy about the release of our EP album ‘Urban Crime’ it made a couple chart positions in Canada and The Netherlands and it opened new doors for us with college and community radio stations that never played our music before giving us a first chance. A very fun album to make and we made some Youtube videos as well.

‘HellCat’s Revenge’ is released USA/Canada

Originally Posted on March 13, 2018

March 13th the action film we made soundtrack contributions to  ‘HellCat’s Revenge’  is released via Cinedigm! Cinedigm is the leading independent content distributor in the United States! #USA 🇺🇸 Also distributed in Canada via Universal Home Entertainment!

Swamp Music Players present ‘URBAN CRIME’ Extended play record on Compact​ ​Disc

Originally Posted on 2017

Swamp Music Players present ‘URBAN CRIME’ Extended play record on Compact​ ​Disc. LoFi Retro Futuristic Swamp Rock & Cosmic Americana
‘Urban Crime’ EP is the third official album release from the Canadian based internationally collaborative music collective. ‘Urban Crime’ was recorded primarily with a Tascam 4-track cassette player and Roland BR-600 digital demo recorder to best achieve an authentic retro soundscape.

We are proud to feature the phenomenal vocals of Kaity Joyce (San Diego), Sugar Parks (Hollywood’s ‘Sugar Parks and the Massacre’) and Vancouver Island vocalist Hilary Beckett.
Special voice acting cameo on the experimental track ‘It’s Urban Crime’ by cult film star Art Hsu (‘Crank 2 High Voltage’ , ‘The FP’). Art Hsu
recreates with the Swamp Music Players a scene from one of our favorite cult films ‘The FP’. Swamp Rock influences combine with urbanized 1980s style
Americana to create a retro-futuristic anachronism. Swamp Music Players are fighting the future in the 21st century.

Swamp Music Players – 80% Canadian content eh.
Joseph ‘Geartro’ Gearheart – Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, voice acting
Earl Jr Jackson Black (Geoff Mason) – Drummer, bass guitar, backing vocals
Damn Lieutenant (Evert Pater) – Bass Guitar, electric guitar, vocals
Jim ‘Grand Moff’ Moffatt – Vocals, acoustic guitar
Don Danger Jon (John Kayden) – Voice acting

Swamp Music Players : URBAN CRIME
Music Producer Evert Pater
Executive Producer John Edward Kayden
Published by Swamp Music Players Inc.
Copyright 2017 by Swamp Music Players Inc.
Special thanks to Art Hsu, Kaity Joyce and Sugar Parks.