Warrior gets on a new Spotify Playlist !

A new Spotify Playlist for one of our most popular songs ! Thanks Dark Western and Murder Country by LL !

A Cosmic Americana single recorded and mixed by award winning producer Wynn Gogol. Usted Gracias por escuchar nuestra música . Por favor vote para nosotros si le gusta la canción! Como por favor! Cosmic UFO Americana. Warrior is a dark and contemplative song about the hard unforgiving life of a ring fighter and the cosmic mystery that may hang over our heads. Writing Team of Matt Franke, Drew “Deja” Beckett, Wynn Gogol and Don Danger Jon. Performed in studio by Matt Franke (Vox,Guitar), Evert Pater (Bass), Adam Cleland (Lead Guitar) and Nick Dokter(Drums).

We have teamed up with the Commando Ninja!

Swamp Music Players have teamed up with the Commando Ninja ! The sequel to the cult film , it’s ‘Commando Ninja 2 Invasion America! A fun , action packed comedy with a true love for all the retro 80s action films that we love! They feel the vibe of Swamp Music Players and we always liked the Commando Ninja , in fact we were backers for the first film on Kickstarter! Support this Kickstarter its gonna be a great film !

Blues Rock Hits Spotify Playlist by Chris Palmer

Thanks Chris Palmer for adding ‘No Vacancy’ to your Blues Rock Spotify Playlist this season! From our 2020 EP ‘555 Tiki Motel’. Vocalis by Jacyln Hull , guitar and lyrics/composiiton by Virignia Americana artist Joseph Gearheart. Mixed and Mastered at Detroits BattleChamber by Steve Greene. Special thanks to swamper Damn Lieutenant Evert for his work to make the track happen!

‘Vacancy’ Ft Joseph Gearheart – best Indie by Theocide

Our song ‘Vacancy’ featuring singer/songwriter Joseph Gearheart is selected for November to “The Best Indie playlist 2020′ by Theocide Records. ” on Spotify! From our EP ‘555 Tiki Motel’. Congrats Mr Gearheart for getting all this attention!

Also added by Theocide Records for November , our song ‘Truck Parking’ also featuring Virginia Americana singer-songwriter Joseph Gearheart. Spotify Playlist of Country/Blues Americana Style! Truck Parking is our Americana/Trucker song.