Tiki Lounge from 555 Tiki Motel by Swamp Music Players

Tiki Lounge from the EP “555 Tiki Motel” by Swamp Music Players https://ffm.to/9xmoqjw‚Äč Music by Earl Jr Jackson Black (drums) and Romantic Ronan (guitars) Intro guitar by Damn Lieutenant Evert Lyrics and Vox by Don Jon Crushwb Special thanks to Danielle Leigh Rashall Swamp Music Players Mixed and Mastered by Steve Greene at the Battlechamber A sun bleached California motel during the 1980s, its the last days of the pre-internet , the last day before the rise of the machines. Enjoy some good ole swamp rock at an American motel, ——————————-

On Your Radar – Spotify Playlist adds ‘No Vacancy’

On Your Radar – Spotify Playlist adds ‘No Vacancy’ to their playlist for the month of November! – Written and guitar by Joseph Gearheart, vocals by Jaclyn Hull . thanks to Damn Lieutenant Evert , mixed and mastered in the BattleChamber by Steve Greene! From the Swamp Music Players EP – ‘555 Tiki Motel’