Swamp Music Players present ‘URBAN CRIME’ Extended play record on Compact​ ​Disc

Originally Posted on 2017

Swamp Music Players present ‘URBAN CRIME’ Extended play record on Compact​ ​Disc. LoFi Retro Futuristic Swamp Rock & Cosmic Americana
‘Urban Crime’ EP is the third official album release from the Canadian based internationally collaborative music collective. ‘Urban Crime’ was recorded primarily with a Tascam 4-track cassette player and Roland BR-600 digital demo recorder to best achieve an authentic retro soundscape.

We are proud to feature the phenomenal vocals of Kaity Joyce (San Diego), Sugar Parks (Hollywood’s ‘Sugar Parks and the Massacre’) and Vancouver Island vocalist Hilary Beckett.
Special voice acting cameo on the experimental track ‘It’s Urban Crime’ by cult film star Art Hsu (‘Crank 2 High Voltage’ , ‘The FP’). Art Hsu
recreates with the Swamp Music Players a scene from one of our favorite cult films ‘The FP’. Swamp Rock influences combine with urbanized 1980s style
Americana to create a retro-futuristic anachronism. Swamp Music Players are fighting the future in the 21st century.

Swamp Music Players – 80% Canadian content eh.
Joseph ‘Geartro’ Gearheart – Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, voice acting
Earl Jr Jackson Black (Geoff Mason) – Drummer, bass guitar, backing vocals
Damn Lieutenant (Evert Pater) – Bass Guitar, electric guitar, vocals
Jim ‘Grand Moff’ Moffatt – Vocals, acoustic guitar
Don Danger Jon (John Kayden) – Voice acting

Swamp Music Players : URBAN CRIME
Music Producer Evert Pater
Executive Producer John Edward Kayden
Published by Swamp Music Players Inc.
Copyright 2017 by Swamp Music Players Inc.
Special thanks to Art Hsu, Kaity Joyce and Sugar Parks.

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