‘No Vacancy’ song on these great Spotify Playlists! (For 30 Days)

555 Tiki Motel’📞🍹🗿 outro track ‘No Vacancy’ is getting some great Spotify Playlist placements via the Music Lover Blog! A great track written by Joseph Gearheart and performed by accomplished Victoria BC vocalist Jaclyn Hull.

Name: Indie All Female DISCOVERY
Playlist URL: open.spotify.com/playlist/0CN0akrC27ER4sOCU8JjZP

Name: Rock This Way!
Playlist URL: open.spotify.com/playlist/7q7QDCV4T1mwdXrLfbaDpZ

Name: Acoustic Fantastic!
Playlist URL: open.spotify.com/playlist/6BC1pTc8CKJwLYg8VNPWrZ

Name: Ruggedly Beautiful
Playlist URL: open.spotify.com/playlist/0a9q9Ivz30EzP6Q3DcRMNq

Name: Whoa! It’s a Roller-coaster Ride!!!
Playlist URL: open.spotify.com/playlist/4Y5RTxxUTFOYkgoOW1ziOD

Name: The Power Belters
Playlist URL: open.spotify.com/playlist/7vA4PB0Ylcad7i1YDOuHTx

Name: The Breakup Playlist
Playlist URL: open.spotify.com/playlist/4k15zgrW3oERxR7rbDOQhV

Name: The First Ladies of Rock n’ Roll: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Playlist URL: open.spotify.com/playlist/2nYbEzMvODXcn7hmNtyvfe

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