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Swamp Music Players (feat. Hilary Beckett) our tribute/cover to the great Lucinda Williams. Cover song of Lucinda Williams ‘Car Wheels on a Gravel Road‘ (Released November 1, 2022)

Swamp Music Players feat. Hilary Beckett, a Swamp Music Players

On Twitter we asked Lucinda Williams ( and management ) which song of hers we should learn, Lucinda put it to her twitter fans and the responses came in for the epic “Car Wheels On A Gravel Road”. Like freehand drawing a bunch of perfect circles , the simple perfection of the song psyched us out a bit….or maybe lots if you judge by the years that drifted by. Then the pandemic happened and shut us down for two years. Well……we never gave up…..and a radical change in approach by Evert Pater and the cover song finally clicked! With our parred down version with pedal steel and the vocals of Hilary Beckett recording in her very own kitchen much like in the song lyrics. You can be the judge of how well we did but we are finally happy with our tribute to Lucinda Williams and we had to be humble and accept what we could bring to the song. Love Lu !

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Produced by Evert Pater
Hilary Beckett – vocals
Ray Mohr – pedal steel
Earl Jr Jackson Black and Geoff Mason – drums
Evert Pater – bass, electric guitars, acoustic guitar
Mixed by Steve Greene at The Battle Chamber
Executive Producer – John Kayden

Cover song of Lucinda Williams ‘Car Wheels on a Gravel Road’
Composer – Lucinda Williams
Lyricist – Lucinda Williams

Swamp Music Players featuring Hilary Beckett
on our cover of Car Wheels On A Gravel Road.

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