TIKI MOTEL 2 : Release Date : 2023-10-27


Swamp Music Players TIKI MOTEL 2 🍹🗿

‘Swamp Music Players’  : Victoria/Canada : Label Swamp Music Players Inc.  

Are ecstatic to finally release ‘Tiki Motel 2’ the followup to our overachieving  lofi-EP ‘‘555 Tiki Motel’ that received significant airplay on 14 Canadian radio stations during the heights of the pandemic and charted on CFUV Victoria. 

Swamp Music Players – EP/Album ‘Tiki Motel 2’ will be released on music streaming and to college radio across North America on October 27th 2023. Join us at the sun bleached Tiki Motel where love,  suspicion and vibes intersect. An EP/album of retro-futuristic stylized American music genres of Swamp Pop,Alt Rock , Alt synth Pop  and Blues.       

Release Date : 2023-10-27


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