More Spotify Playlists !

July 2021 we were added for weeks to the Country Life Discover American Country , a Spotify Playlist by Alex M Montilla ! Our song ‘Scared To Love’ featuring singer-songwriter Laura Jacobs !

Spotify Playlists !

A Cosmic Americana single recorded and mixed by award winning producer Wynn Gogol. Usted Gracias por escuchar nuestra música, ‘Warrior’ by Swamp Music Players added to the MCCFUNK Spotify Playlist and the New Music Mixtape by Caoba Records

Jezebel returns to the Playlists of Spotify!

Fresh Discovery, Bubbling Up, Electrifying Beats, Awesome Out Of The Box ,Long Drive Tunes. Music Lover Spotify Playlister has added our track “Jezebel Featuring Sugar Parks” to some of his best Spotify Playlists for the month of July 2021 !

Also a July 2021 add to Spotify Playlist -Avant Garde Vocals by Underground Music Squad!

Spotify Playlists !

@amojimusic on Instagram added us to their Spotify Playlist Indie & Alternative for the month of June 2021

Chillwave & LoFi Hip Hop – Matt Sahadi selects out song “No Vacancy” for the July 2021

 Indie Rock From CANADA 🍁 🇨🇦

‘Warrior’ by Swamp Music Players.  A Cosmic UFO Americana track by Swamp Music Players recorded and mixed by award winning producer Wynn Gogol. With vocals and rhythm guitar by Matt Franke! Is added to this great Spotify playlist July 2021 “Indie Rock from Canada but. Also added to the Gobi Desert Collective Spotify Playlist.

Warrior can also be found on Dreamy Classics Spotify Playlist by Kaan as well as Truck Parking featuring Joseph Gearheart. Truck Parking also gained a spot in July 2021 on Raw and Progressive & Psychedelic Rock Spotify Playlist by Lunngfern and the Indie Alternative Playlist by amojimusic.

VishalNaidu of Sinusoidal Music has shared “Swamp Music Players – Warrior

On new Spotify Playlists !

Roadie Music has shared “Swamp Music Players – Warrior”  for 16 days in June 2021

Roadie Music has shared “Swamp Music Players – Scared To Love” for 16 days in June 2021

Kaan Gölgesiz of Turkey included ‘Scared To Love’ for 2 weeks in June 2021

From The Strait – added our song ‘Truck Parking’ to the On Your Radar Spotify Playlist June 2021

Tiki Louge getting a June 2021 placement on the SH Personal Spotify Playlist

Kaity Joyce and Swamp Music Players

We got to have Kaity Joyce as a featured artist on our EP Urban Crime. Sure we got some chart appearances and some spins in Cambridge Mass and Kamloops BC and a half dozen other radio stations but I never thought the track got the attention it deserved. I guess we had to wait for TikTok and Instagram to be a thing because more people are discovering it and amongst our tracks on Spotify it had a steady trickle of impressed folks. ‘Dark End Of The Street’ featuring Kaity Joyce is a timeless cover song as is Kaity Joyce’s vocal performance.

June 2021 ‘Dark End Of The Street’ featuring Kaity Joyce was selected for 1 month for the Spotify playlist RECOMENDACIONES ECUALTERNATIVE