Teaming up with Commando Ninja 2 !

Swamp Music Players are teaming up with Commando Ninja 2 to contribute some swampy American music! We were proud backers for the first Commando Ninja film and we are doing our part for the sequel! This time we have answered the door and will be contributing music! A great franchise to be a part of, now you can help make it happen by contributing to the Kickstarter!

‘No Vacancy’ song on these great Spotify Playlists! (For 30 Days)

555 Tiki Motel’📞🍹🗿 outro track ‘No Vacancy’ is getting some great Spotify Playlist placements via the Music Lover Blog! A great track written by Joseph Gearheart and performed by accomplished Victoria BC vocalist Jaclyn Hull.

Name: Indie All Female DISCOVERY
Playlist URL:

Name: Rock This Way!
Playlist URL:

Name: Acoustic Fantastic!
Playlist URL:

Name: Ruggedly Beautiful
Playlist URL:

Name: Whoa! It’s a Roller-coaster Ride!!!
Playlist URL:

Name: The Power Belters
Playlist URL:

Name: The Breakup Playlist
Playlist URL:

Name: The First Ladies of Rock n’ Roll: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Playlist URL:

‘555 Tiki Motel’📞🍹🗿

November 1st on Bandcamp Now! November 9th it will be released everywhere! ‘555 Tiki Motel’📞🍹🗿 is our new EP/album!

‘555 Tiki Motel’ has already been on a Canadian radio show (”!earshot Daily – October 20″)that broadcast on ten Canadian radio channels giving our lead track a spin and a plug for the album/ep. Now look forward to the November 9th release on your favorite music services!

Our new song ‘Vacancy’ on the ,”!earshot Daily – October 20″

National Campus and Community Radio Association 🇨🇦📻 selected ‘Vacancy’ for
,”!earshot Daily – October 20″
📻🎶 So Swamp Music Players gets radio spins coast to coast as the show gets broadcast on ten radio stations.
Congratulations featured artist and #singersongwriter Joseph Gearheart ! The album ‘555 Tiki Motel’ official release is Bandcamp Nov 1st and everywhere online Nov 9th but Canadian #collegeradio gets the first taste with this special feature 🙂
💿 You can pre-order ‘555 Tiki Motel’ on #Bandcamp